Our foil thermometers are unique! Customize in size and shape - even the temperature settings can be predefined. And that in the range of - 30 to + 60 ° C. The temperatures are always displayed in 2-degree increments, two numbers light up at the same time (eg 24 ° and 26 ° C) so the temperature is exactly in between (eg 25 ° C). With or without self-adhesive backing, the membrane thermometers are easy to integrate into planned actions. Whether as a mailing enhancer or for processing in displays, calendars, etc. - the various application areas have no limits. Available in a special form are z. B. Energy-saving thermometer to control the effective room temperature

(which, by the way, is around 22 ° C!). Since all thermometers can be processed waterproof, various applications are covered. Whether as an aquarium thermometer or window exterior installation - everything is possible. And not only numbers need to light up - we also bring special logos or symbols in thermometer form. The membrane thermometers are reversible, work without a battery and are of course free of harmful materials such as mercury etc.