About us

The founder of Aleide-Innovationen- Mr. Georg Grein- made his first experience with microencapsulated liquid crystals and scented products in the year 1976 during his employment in a big printing house.

To bring this unknown technology  into the market was his passion.
First orders were scented leaflets for manufacturer of perfumes as ads in magazines. The liquid crystal technology- thanks to the color changing according to temperature- was very interesting for the automotive industry. Heating systems for seats were tested by this technique.

In 1992 Mr. Grein founded Aleide-Innovationen to bring the unique technology to the promotional market. Products like stress monitor card, UV-tester and thin room thermometers are today most popular.

The company grows very fast to a leading supplier in germany.
End of 2003 Mr. Grein decided to retire and his daughter Ines takes care of Aleide-Innovationen after finsihing her master in economy.
Investment in new technology and products means that Aleide-Innovationen is today a modern company with a wide range of promotional products.
We supply to big and small companies with same passion, daily we ship many interesting and unique products.