Energy saving thermometer doorhanger

New item in our range of energy saving thermometers:

the doorhanger as energy saving thermometers keeps your room temperature under control

Cosmetic tester for skin- and hair analysis

Our tester for skin- and hair analyses are very useful for manufacturer

of cosmetic products, beauty studios or direct sales.

Those indicators are powerful instruments for direct marketing and very...

OpenMonitor- time indicator for promotional use

We bring you the 4th dimension of promotion and advertising: TIME

OpenMonitor is a flat label which releases in a certain time period a message,logo or code.

Ideal for winning games and promotion...

New mirror foil and card - like a real mirror

We developed a new mirror foil for promotion and packaging!

The new material looks like a real mirror with fantastic possibilities.


Suitable for special promotions, packaging effects or displays...

Flashtattoo, Metallictattoo

The stylish Metallictattoo comes in 3 different colours: gold, silver and rose!

Other colours available on request.


Our Flashtattoo/Metallictattoos are "made in germany" and certified according to...

Flashcolor- shows hidden messages by use of smartphone

Brand new: Flashcolor!

This special effect colour brings new opportunities in your next promotion!

By use of smartphone with flashlight you can reveal hidden messages, logos, images and much more.